5 Signs You Need a Small Business CFO

A quick glance at the IRS small business information page is enough to scare anyone considering getting their own business off the ground. From filing taxes to managing gains and losses, managing your company's finances is no small task.  But, hiring a chief financial advisor (CFO) to help manage your finances is a big investment. No matter [...]

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Why You Should Avoid a Manual Payroll Process

8 out of 10 small businesses in America still rely on manual processes to undertake various tasks. Most of these companies use pen and paper to manage their payrolls. They argue that it’s costly to purchase payroll management software or outsource this service. Yet, these businesses are mistaken as in the long run manual payroll [...]

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5 Human Resources Duties You Didn’t Know You Need to Outsource

Do you manage a small business? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the daily tasks required to keep your company afloat? If so, you're not alone. Business infrastructure problems are one of the leading causes of business failures. From business plan issues to understaffing dilemmas, gaps in your infrastructure can wreak havoc on your company's [...]

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5 Top Reasons for Payroll Processing Outsourcing in 2020

In the business world, payday can be bittersweet. While everyone likes to get paid, business owners run through the complexities of processing payroll each pay period. That’s when outsourcing your payroll can save the day. It gives business owners a host of benefits while making payday easier for employees. To help you decide if [...]

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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Chief Finance Officer Responsibilities

An in-house chief finance officer (CFO) can cost your company at least $350,000 each year. That’s a lot of money to spend on someone you may not need all the time. If you only need a part-time CFO you may want to consider outsourcing the position. Below we'll review the benefits of outsourcing the chief [...]

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The Key Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

If you're not outsourcing some aspect of your business perhaps you think outsourcing is only for those companies that are lacking something. In fact, a study has shown that 85% of the best long term performing companies, outsource strategically. Whether it's accounting, human resources or payroll outsourcing, you need to know about it. Is outsourcing [...]

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Learn from These 4 Small Business Mistakes

Are you trying to get your business idea off of the ground? Want to make sure you're avoiding the most common business mistakes? New businesses are launched on a daily basis. If you're a business owner, you're hardly the first one to go through the struggles of taking a business from initial idea to a [...]

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How to Find a Qualified Bookkeeper for Your Small Business

Your company will really start to thrive when you handle the accounting. If you aren't skilled enough to do that, you can find a bookkeeper that offers the best service. But how do you find the right bookkeeper? Find out that and so much more by reading below! Find a Bookkeeper For Your Type [...]

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5 CFO Duties You Should Hand off Right Away

Hiring a Chief Financial Officer is essential to set up the financial oversight of your business. Most business owners have a hard time delegating certain responsibilities to new officers. Chief Financial Officers aren't an exception to this rule. As a CEO or business owner, it's important to prioritize your business development. The starting point is handing off CFO [...]

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6 Software Skills Your Outside Accountant Should Possess

Quickbooks should be easy, right? Then, why does it feel like trudging through an uphill hike with a semi-truck strapped to your back? Everyone goes on about how intuitive Oracle and Microsoft are for their accounting skills, but what if your current accountant doesn’t know SAP from maple syrup? That’s a problem, but it’s not [...]

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