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With offices in New York City, Dallas and Southlake Texas, The Accfin Group is dedicated to helping business owners from throughout the country take their enterprise to the next level. Through our outsourced bookkeeping, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and board member services, The Accfin Group is able to support your company’s bookkeeping and finance functions through strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Main Office: 550 Reserve Street Suite 150
Southlake, TX 76092

Phone: (866)528-4337


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Professional Expertise, Personal Support

We believe that business success is uniquely tied to the support you receive and business strategies you implement. At The Accfin Group, our team of experienced bookkeepers, CFO’s, financial experts, and board members help support the growth of your company by lending their acumen and years of industry experience. Rather than providing clients with blanket services that may not fit your specific bookkeeping or financial needs, Accfin Group professionals work in tandem with business owners to identify areas of improvement and create multi-dimensional services that reflect their current financial needs.

Our Dallas-Fort Worth professionals provide more than bookkeeping and financial strategy services. We become your trusted business partner, facilitating long-term growth by providing the  financial oversight needed to take your business to the next level. Thanks to our unique business model, our team is able to offer remote service as well as in-office support, allowing businesses throughout the United States to achieve long-term success.

We are confident enough in the quality of our services that we do not lock our clients into annual contracts.  In addition, most of our clients are on fixed-fee arrangements which not only provides better quality of service, but also allows our clients to appropriately budget for the cost of our services.

Add Financial Experience to Your Team

Our Dallas-Fort Worth  firm employs experienced bookkeepers, CFO’s and board members to support your basic bookkeeping needs, provide financial oversight, and guidance to help run your company.

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During your initial consultation with an Accfin Group CFO, we will discuss your needs, gain an understanding of your operations, answer questions, and provide you with recommendations and solutions. To learn more about growing your business with our tailored bookkeeping, CFO, and board member services, contact The Accfin Group today.

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