Outsourced Bookkeeping

Overseen by a Controller, bookkeepers properly record & classify your transactions.

Bookkeeping Services

Seasoned professionals generate reliable reports useful for making important decisions about growing your business.
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Outsourced Controller

Financial Professionals & Bookkeepers with best practices knowledge of all processes.

Controller Services

Our services ensure accurate month-end close, regulatory compliance & focused oversight of financial reporting.
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Outsourced CFO

Get the benefit of a qualified CFO to make important business & financial decisions.

CFO Services

Develop strategies to achieve finance & performance goals, manage mergers and acquisitions, public offerings & more.
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Advantages of Outsourced Bookkeeping Services, Outsourced CFO Services and Outsourced HR Services

Businesses are made, built, and broken from the path their leaders take based on financial data. You need trustworthy timely financial statements coupled with financial analysis insights that turn that data into information your management team can act on that is relevant to your industry to effectively compete and become more profitable. Organizations that choose outsourced bookkeeping services with The AccFin Group gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Increase Profitability by Focusing on Your Core Business

By outsourcing the peripheral bookkeeping and financial functions of your organization, you free up key resources to focus on core business functions. Time spent on activities that better serve your customers, increase production efficiencies or more effectively market your offerings will lead to increased profitability. Higher level outsourced services such as Outsourced Controller services or an Interim CFO can additionally yield financial insights and actionable intelligence to guide management toward increased profitability.

Accurate and Timely Financial Statements

An effective outsourced financial team has the dual focus of delivering a streamlined bookkeeping function and providing insight from detailed financial analysis of timely prepared financial statements. Through a refined process of iteratively working across many industries and organizational structures, outsourcing firms have already worked out the kinks to perfect an outsourced bookkeeping and financial team. The result is an optimized blend of systems, technologies and personnel that deliver more accurate and timely results versus an in-house financial staff.

Bookkeeping Service: What is it and Do You Need One?

A bookkeeping service is one of the most essential business components. Sadly, they often go overlooked until it’s too late. So what exactly can a bookkeeping service do for your business?

Oursourced Bookkeeping Services Reduces Labor Costs

Outsourced Bookkeeping services typically costs much less than hiring in-house bookkeeping personnel. Outsourced bookkeeping services do not have the additional costs of hiring employees which sometimes can add up to 30% on top of the base salary.  Those additional costs consist of:

  • The employer’s portion of payroll taxes
  • Employer sponsored medical / dental benefits
  • Retirement benefit program administration(401k, pensions, etc.)
  • Employer costs of vacation, sick time and other personal time off
  • Recruiting, hiring and training

Scalability and Flexibility of Service

Outsourcing your bookkeeping and financial roles allows flexibility to scope your bookkeeping services based on the current size of your business and scale up those bookkeeping services to include Controller and CFO services as needed as you grow. In addition to reducing the direct costs of hiring in-house personnel, as mentioned above, scalability can eliminate the cost of a missed opportunity your business may have to grow and become more profitable, (“opportunity costs”) because of the ability to immediately respond. Your organization can instantly augment existing staff during peak demands, take on specific short-term projects and tackle portions of projects otherwise too expensive to manage internally.

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Single Source Bookkeeping and Financial Professional Provider

The AccFin Group has a Dallas-based office providing a fully outsourced bookkeeping and financial function at all points along the business lifecycle from startup through maturity.

Our growth focused bookkeeping solution goes beyond filling job functions to partnering with you on decision making and guidance with actionable financial intelligence. Let us manage your expenses through budgeting and strategic forecasting so you can focus on managing your business.

Customized Streamlined Bookkeeping Function and Financial Professional

Our experienced team of professional bookkeepers, controllers and CFO’s have perfected a streamlined outsourced bookkeeping function.

Eliminating the trial and error, we can rapidly implement our client tested tailored integrated financial function, so you can immediately benefit from reliable financial data and reporting. Gain peace of mind knowing you’ll have accurate and timely worry-free bookkeeping for your business.

Enterprise-Level Bookkeeping Expertise

Smaller companies typically can’t afford the in-house bookkeeping expertise large corporations enjoy – unless they outsource from The AccFin Group.

Our team of qualified bookkeepers have technical proficiency and in-depth knowledge of tax that smaller companies can benefit. Continuous training and the fact many of our financial staff have “Big 4” bookkeeping experience ensure you will benefit from a best of class integrated bookkeeping solution.

Affordable Service For All Sizes

The pricing of our customized outsourced bookkeeping, controller and CFO solutions is first based on your current service needs, which we will scope in our initial strategy session.

We also consider the size of your business, measured in terms of revenue, number of employees, and estimated number of transactions as well as your overall strategy. Regardless of the scope of work or the size of your business, companies benefit in cost savings..

No Contracts at a Fixed Fee

We are so confident in the value of our services, we do not require you to sign a lengthy contract. Our fixed-fee arrangement ensures a value-based payment for services instead of an hourly task-based agreement that is standard in many financial firms.  Our clients appreciate this option, as it makes budgeting for outsourced financial professionals transparent and much more manageable.

How Can We Help?

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Red Head Barrels has been working with Scott at AccFin for about 4 years now.  His CFO services and financial counsel has helped our business grow year after year. The attention to detail with our monthly financial reports, forecasts and balance sheets are exactly what we need to help our business continue to grow and surpass all our goals and expectations. We would HIGHLY recommend their services for a company that wants to grow.”

Steve Mayes, RedHead Barrels

“Our company didn’t have a CFO for a long time, and it really showed in our annual growth. We just weren’t making the kind of financial strides we had hoped for when we started. The problem wasn’t our products; it was our strategy. Taking advantage of outsourced CFO services from The Accfin Group provided us with a professional who helped us manage our risks and settle on clear expansion strategies. Plus, it cost far less than it would have if we had set out to hire one by ourselves.”

Brad Young, Soils Alive

“It has been an absolute pleasure to have Scott and his team as my trusted business advisors. Being the owner of a small company, they have proven their value by reviewing short and long-term financial goals and finding ways to cut unnecessary costs. The Accfin Group has been both analytical and creative in customizing our solutions and I cannot recommend them enough.”

John Chopp, FleetTrax Inc.

“Owning a business can pull you in a lot of directions at once, and sometimes it’s easy to get distracted to the point where you make mistakes with the numbers. Once I hired the Accfin Group to take care of my bookkeeping, I was able to focus on my other responsibilities without worrying about the numbers we were reporting. It helped us control our budget, present more accurate statements, and best of all—it gave me the peace of mind I sorely needed. I can’t say enough good things about my decision to work with The Accfin Group.”

How We Fit Your Business

Each stage of the business lifecycle has different challenges, objectives and priorities requiring unique strategies to successfully grow. We guide our clients along this path by applying our growth bookkeeping mindset to create a financial integrated solution instead of just replacing individual financial job functions like other financial outsourcing companies. It is this holistic approach to building your organizations bookkeeping and financial foundation with an eye toward the end goal of growth for your business that sets us apart from other outsourced financial firms.

Our solutions

Our solutions
Our solutions

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What Do You Need?

Instead of selling blanket bookkeeping and financial solutions, we tailor outsourced service packages based on the needs of each client. You can select the services you need a la carte or have us craft a fully integrated outsourced bookkeeping and financial function. Our management will work with you to help decide the level of service you need in each category. This model ensures that you aren’t spending money on services that are useless or redundant within your organization.

  • Do you need someone to assist with keeping records of financial transactions, paying creditors, or preparing monthly financial statements? Our bookkeeping services will account for all your company’s day-to-day transactions.
  • Do you need someone who can review your books, prepare and analyze financials, prepare forecasts and cash flow projections, and develop and tracking key performance indicators (“KPI’s”) for your business? Our controller services do just that! For companies that already have bookkeepers in place, we can oversee your current financial department and provide bigger-picture financial insights to guide business planning and decision making.
  • Do you need a high-level financial expert who can help guide your business through a project to raise capital, financing, an expansion plan, an initial public offering (“IPO”), a mergers and acquisitions deal, or a bankruptcy? Our CFO services can meet your needs on an interim or part-time basis, guiding you and your business through stressful projects with strong leadership and high-level financial expertise.
Our solutions

Kickstart Your Business Growth with a No Obligation FREE Consultation

Are you interested in learning more about the services we offer at The Accfin Group?  We invite you to get in touch with us directly to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals. During the initial consultation, we will gain an understanding of your business, the challenges, and how we can immediately begin to make an impact through our services.  We will tailor an outsourced bookkeeping, controller and/or a CFO service program that benefits your business.

Whether you are interested in outsourced bookkeeping, controller services, CFO services, or HR and payroll assistance, The Accfin Group is here to help. Schedule a consultation in today by giving us a call at 866-528-4337.


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