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Taking care of your company’s finances isn’t always easy, which is why you don’t have to do it alone. By hiring a third-party service to handle the numbers for you, you can ensure compliance and make more positive progress toward your financial goals. Even companies that already have their bookkeeping departments can benefit from the help of third party experts, whose specific skills and experience can assist in achieving results faster and with less potential for error.

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However, hiring professional help indiscriminately is no guarantee that you’ll be able to reap the benefits you want. Professional help is only ever as good as the people who provide it, so you’ll need to choose your outside financial help with care. The Accfin Group offers several advantages to clients that make us a natural choice. We make it easy to find the exact level of assistance you need by providing a broad spectrum of offerings ranging from basic bookkeeping to full CFO services and experienced, independent board members. No matter what you need or for what duration, our flexibility provides you with suitable options.

Have Talent, Will Travel

Most of our CFO work is done in and around Dallas-Fort Worth, using a variety of cutting-edge technologies and entirely modern strategies. However, we can perform general bookkeeping, financial reporting, analysis, and many other aspects of CFO work remotely, which allows us to take on clients across the country. We even make ourselves available to travel and visit clients when a face-to-face meeting becomes necessary. The ability to move directly to a client’s location allows us to offer our board member services nationally as well—making us a company that goes the extra mile for each client.

Solid Results and Unexpected Value

Variety is important, but value is even more so. To help our clients benefit from quality financial service without putting their finances in jeopardy, we commit to pricing our work below the standard fees a given company would have to pay when hiring its financial staff. Doing so allows SMEs to reap the benefits of a complete bookkeeping department, while larger organizations can add team members or fill vacancies on individual projects without incurring the costs of new full-time hires.

In fact, we go above and beyond to make sure that our services are affordable and that budgeting for them is easy. Most of our clients enjoy fixed fee arrangements so that they can plan for the costs of working with us well in advance. Because such arrangements secure our business, they also allow us to maintain greater consistency while assisting our clients. We’re so confident in our abilities and the results we produce that we don’t ask for yearly contracts, either. We prefer to let our quality work shine by its own merits, which provides us with a reliable reputation and helps us grow via word of mouth.