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“Red Head Barrels has been working with Scott at AccFin for about 4 years now. His CFO services and financial counsel has helped our business grow year after year. The attention to detail with our monthly financial reports, forecasts and balance sheets are exactly what we need to help our business continue to grow and surpass all our goals and expectations. We would HIGHLY recommend their services for a company that wants to grow.”

Steve Mayes, Red Head Barrels

“It has been an absolute pleasure to have Scott and his team as my trusted business advisors. Being the owner of a small company, they have proven their value by reviewing short and long-term financial goals and finding ways to cut unnecessary costs. The Accfin Group has been both analytical and creative in customizing our solutions and I cannot recommend them enough.”

John Chopp, Fleet Trax

“Owning a business can pull you in a lot of directions at once, and sometimes it’s easy to get distracted to the point where you make mistakes with the numbers.
Once I hired the Accfin Group to take care of my bookkeeping, I was able to focus on my other responsibilities without worrying about the numbers we were reporting. It helped us control our budget, present more accurate statements, and best of all—it gave me the peace of mind I sorely needed. I can’t say enough good things about my decision to work with The Accfin Group.”

Oliver Gonzalez, Texas Fiberglass Pools Inc.

“Our company didn’t have a CFO for a long time, and it really showed in our annual growth. We just weren’t making the kind of financial strides we had hoped for when we started. The problem wasn’t our products; it was our strategy. Taking advantage of outsourced CFO services from The Accfin Group provided us with a professional who helped us manage our risks and settle on clear expansion strategies. Plus, it cost far less than it would have if we had set out to hire one by ourselves.”

Brad Young, Soils Alive

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