Quickbooks should be easy, right? Then, why does it feel like trudging through an uphill hike with a semi-truck strapped to your back?

Everyone goes on about how intuitive Oracle and Microsoft are for their accounting skills, but what if your current accountant doesn’t know SAP from maple syrup?

That’s a problem, but it’s not your job to know about accounting software. That’s why you’ve been looking for accounting help.

Let’s look at the most common accounting software skills to look for the next time you’re hiring.

The 6 Software Skills Your Accountant Should Be an Expert In

An accountant, like any other craftsman, is only as good as their tools. This is especially true in today’s world of virtual business management. If you’re hiring an accountant, you want to make sure they’re familiar with these items.

1. Quickbooks

If your accountant looks like they’re trying to navigate the Amazon river with a blindfold while working with Quickbooks, it’s time for a change.

With over 2 million customers, Quickbooks continues to be one of the most in-demand software skills.

2. SAP

SAP provides an entire suite of accountants technology. The best accounting jobs for someone right out of college use a well-known system, like SAP, so any experienced accountant should be familiar.

3. Oracle

Oracle’s accounting software suite is entirely cloud-based. You can access any financial records you need anywhere with an internet connection.

What’s nice about using a company that provides a suite of products rather than just one service is you can integrate your other business tools with your accounting software.

Since Oracle helps you manage your supply chain, any prices changes will automatically update within the system.

4. Microsoft Dynamics

All accountant should be familiar with Microsoft’s full suite of products, not just their financial products.


Like Apple, Microsoft’s products integrate extremely well with each other. If there is an update to your accounting software, any related projects will also be updated.

5. Sage

Sage’s Timberline Office and Master Builder are by far the most widely used accounting tools within the construction industry.

Sage carved out its niche as the ERP provider for the construction industry by bridging the communication gaps between accountants and field reps.

6. Cognos

Cognos is IBM’s entrance into the world of accounting software. Another cloud-based suite of tools, Cognos is perfect for analytics, reporting, and scorecarding.

Where Cognos shines is their speed. The NYPD uses Cognos infrastructure to track crime in the city in real-time.

Where to Find Accounting Professionals With Expert Software Skills.

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