CFOs are generally paid very well in the United States, so being able to do your job effectively can feel like an absolute necessity. If you’re getting paid for it, you need to be able to do it.

When you’re just starting out as the CFO of a company, it may be a little intimidating to have that weight on your shoulders. If you’re outsourced, you may feel disconnected from the actual company.

What type of skills or experience do you need to have? What are things you can do to get along better with other members of the team?

Here is some CFO advice that will help you find your footing and create a positive working environment.

Using Effective CFO Advice

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) likely does more than just look at numbers all day. He or she has to understand the financial operations within the company and the rest of the industry.

As a CFO, you are a big part of the company’s leadership and can be a great help in making important financial decisions. In the end, you’re the one that executes those financial decisions and this is an important role in any company.

You’ll have many responsibilities that may come across your desk that must be done correctly. Knowing how to do your job from the get-go at this level is important!

You need to understand company accounting because you do crunch some of the numbers, so knowing the current and projected finances is crucial. The biggest part of the CFO’s job is to keep the company on track toward lucrative financial goals.

So as CFO, what can you do to be better than average? How can you show the rest of the team and the people working under you that you are someone to respect?


You need to be able to look at the bigger picture and then relay what you are seeing to the rest of your team. They need to know what is going on and what strategies you have in mind to stay on track.

Analyzing data and using that data to project future plans is a great way to showcase this skill.

Team Player

Although you are higher up in the company, you still need to work well with others. You don’t do this job alone, even though you make many of the final financial decisions.

Be fair, honest, and reasonable when working on a team and providing information to others. You’ll gain respect when you show respect.


As CFO, you must be willing to give advice to others. Your advice needs to be based on data and needs to be focused on the global picture.

Part of your job is to pay attention to the conditions within and outside of your company, but using that information, along with data, helps make informed decisions.

You can use these tools to your advantage when helping others within the company find out what they need to be doing.

Are You Part of a Business Looking for a CFO?

This CFO advice is sure to help any new CFO know what they need to be doing from the beginning, but it also can help businesses that need a CFO.

Knowing what qualities you should be looking for and what skills are needed to excel as the CFO is important for any business hiring their CFO.

If you’re looking for outsourced CFO services in the Dallas area, we are here to help! Let us know what you need and get started with us today.