HR will see you now. Although maybe they won’t see you in person anymore. Instead, HR will see you on a Zoom call. 2020 saw more change and upheaval than any single year in recent memory, including in the world of work. Remote work is the new normal for many industries and likely will be eventually for all industries capable of it. Whether meeting in person or virtually, HR departments can still count on long-standing HR strategies for success.

Discover seven such strategies by reading on.

1. Promote Communication

Some things never change, like the importance of communication in the (virtual) workplace. Bad communication is and forever will be one of the most common employee relations problems.

Good communication, on the other hand, reduces stress and confusion. It prevents friction, especially between employees and management. Make it easy for employees to express themselves and resolve conflicts.

2. Focus on the Company’s Mission

Most workers want to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Millennials relish social responsibility and societal impact.

Great companies that attract top talent aren’t driven by profits alone. Rather, they have another reason why they do what they do.

3. Motivate and Reward

Work with employees to set employee goals. They’ll be more invested in them if they’re a two-way street.

Reward them with gold, silver, or bronze incentives for different achievements. These incentives must align with business values.

4. Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance isn’t corporate jargon that people don’t care about. Workers these days care about it more than perhaps ever before.

Although it may seem counterintuitive from the employer’s perspective, you’ll get more out of your employees by giving them more time off. Workers who get sufficient time off are more engaged at work and more loyal to their employers.

Don’t, however, force employees to work from home. Let them choose to do so.

5. Provide Professional Development

Employees at all levels appreciate professional development. Tweak employees’ roles whenever possible to further develop their skills and increase their impact on your organization.

Consider starting a mentorship program to match workers with higher-skilled peers. Certification programs or tuition reimbursement are other good ideas.

6. Make Workers Feel Valued

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, especially your employees.

Praise for good work is more motivating than criticism. Resist human nature’s lure to focus on an employee’s shortcomings. Supervisors should focus not on the one thing done wrong, but on the nine things done right.

7. Leverage the Power of Software

Give your employees project management applications and messaging apps. The appropriate software can reduce redundant tasks and boost employees’ creativity.

An employee portal lets workers see W2s, pay stubs, and request time off.

The Best HR Strategies

HR strategies may have to be adapted to remote work and shifting trends, but for the most part, employees will always respond better to certain kinds of treatment.

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